BBC Production USA has selected Angelrox to be featured exclusively in an hour long, reality-based, nationally televised program that looks at fashion from behind-the-scenes. This will be the premiere episode of a new lifestyle series that will air Primetime Fall 2003 on The Learning Channel (TLC).

From its start in the heart of Manhattan, Angelrox is an experience - sensuous, smart, honest and fun. This timeless collection by designer Roxi Suger centers on comfort but provides contemporary style. Angelrox speaks with an ethereal tone crafting a look that offers classic shapes and surprisingly personal details. Signature styles focus on versatility and multi-function. A taste can be seen at

With appearances on HBO's Sex in the City to credits in Cosmo Girl, Maxim and New York Magazine, Angelrox has caught the eye of consumers both domestically and abroad. With competitive price points and specialized distribution, Angelrox continues to enjoy success in niche boutiques. Furthermore, Angelrox designs have been featured in Shout, Flatiron, 411, German Style & the Family Tunes and Russian Eva. Angelrox has also been worn by hosts on B.E.T. and the model and host in MTV's new show - Made.

Continuing the momentum, BBC is already taping the daily activities of the Angelrox team as it prepares for its debut show in the "City of Angels" during L.A.'s Fashion Week April 1-4, 2003. The taping offers the viewer a reality of fashion from start to finish as the episode culminates with the event in L.A.

For more information please contact Angel Staff at 718-963-3133 or email