In Loving Memory of Randy Castillo

The obituary appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Friday, April 5, 2002

Randy Castillo, 51; Drummer with Heavy Metal Bands
From a Times Staff Writer
Randy Castillo
Rocker, Biker, Survivor

Crossroads Issue #26 January/February 2002
Randy Castillo, a popular drummer with leading heavy metal acts, most notably Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue, has died. He was 51.
Castillo died March 26 at his home in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. Born in Albuquerque, he began playing music at a young age. Initially he tried the trumpet but lost interest and turned to the drums.

By the time he was in high school, Castillo was playing in local bar bands at night and distinguishing himself in school bands as well. As a senior, he was named to the All State symphonic band. After high school, he played in a number of bands that toured the Southwest, performing in bars and at high school dances. Castillo emerged as a drummer with the Motels briefly in the early 1980s and then with Lita Ford's band.

He joined Osbourne in 1986 and played with him for long periods over the next 13 years. Castillo participated in several Osbourne albums, including "The Ultimate Sin" and "No Rest for the Wicked", and appeared on three DVDs, including the documentary "Don't Blame Me". After leaving Osbourne, Castillo toured with Motley Crue, replacing Tommy Lee. Castillo toured with the band until he became ill with a stomach ailment. Further tests revealed an unrelated cancer. A report on the band in The Times said Castillo made a positive addition to the group. "Part of their renewed strength as a band has to do with the addition of drummer Castillo," the article said.
Over the years, he appeared with other bands, including the Wumblies and the Offenders.
Castillo is survived by his mother and three sisters, all residents of Albuquerque.
The Crossroads article written by Hollywood had just come out and Randy was stoked. He had beaten his cancer, believing the demons were behind him. He was getting a lot of press on his come-back and he was excited to be making music again.

When I think about Randy, three things come to mind quickly. The first is of a mad man with a set of wooden sticks in his hands, smashing the pig-skins and lighting up any room he played. The second thought is of a man who loved to ride. Randy often made the trip on his Harley from Los Angeles, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he was originally from. The third thought is of a man who was completely down to earth in spite of the fact that he was a rock star.

We received a very positive response from readers after the story ran.
When I got the call from Hollywood on March 27th my heart sank along side the rest of Randy's family, friends and fans around the world.

- Contos

Randy & Ice For Crossroads Magazine

"Hi, my name's Christina probably known better as Ice. I'm Randy Castillo's surviving girlfriend and I feel like taking this chance to cherish the memories I have of him and to thank him for the great lesson he taught me.

His passion for living life to the fullest and his will of trying even if it meant taking risks, his kind spirit and sense of freedom are what drove me to him and his courage and positive attitude even in the darkest of the moments are what's inspiring me when I wake up and I have to face another day without the comfort and security of his presence….

Ultimately I want to thank you Randy for giving me my dreams back and teaching me what loving and being loved in returned really means.

I hope to be granted the necessary strength to live my life keeping all of this in my heart. So that when we are to be reunited you will be able to be as proud of me as I am of you.

I love you Randy."

- Ice

As I sit at my computer and try to think of some super fabulous way of describing what a great human being Randy was and how great of a friend he was, the only thing I could think of was the first time I met him. Every time I saw him after that I did not know that he was a Rock Star. He was like any hard riding brother I have ever met. He was humble and cool. Even when we all met him on the tour bus before an Ozzy show he introduced us to the entire band including Ozzy like we were his family. At a gathering in his house he always made sure we all had something to drink and if we were going to smoke he lit it for us. He would hang with anyone and swap stories about anything at anytime. Randy was never pretentious, never a Rock Star always a Bro.

The thing I hated watching was his last 5 to 6 weeks. The cancer got into his jaw and mouth and locked it up. It had changed his voice as well. He could hardly speak. The one thing that echoes through my head is when I asked him if he had a cold, and he explained the pain and the fact that he could not swallow anything and how he had to lean his head back to let things trickle down his throat. Then he said, I'm living in hell right now. The next day he went into the hospital for what was to be 2 days but turned out to be like 4 or 5. The next call I got was from his neighbor Jeremy telling me Randy had died at home, this afternoon. What can you say when you loose someone who was a close friend who really was famous and never acted that way? I tell you what you say, you cry to yourself. Another good friend lost to cancer. Sometimes life just sucks!

Keep riding hard you never know when the road will end for you.

- Hollywood

Randy Castillo,
December 18th 1950 - March 26th 2002
Rest in Peace. In our Heart, You'll Always Be.

I met Randy a few years ago & I am glad to have had this chance, because he was one of those people that reached out to me & touched me. He wanted to share his art with the world.
From this, appeared on the internet & will continue to be, I guarantee.
Thank you Randy to have been such an inspiration to me, I will miss you. Bless your soul to rest in peace.
Good Bye. Ce n'est qu'un au revoir…
- Nathalie Salome

Randy and Ice
Randy Castillo is the apotheosis of mankind. Truly, a gentleman; a friend through & through. Randy is an amazing inspiration and he is eternally inspired. His Cloak of Creativity was worn inside out. He had nothing to hide as a man, as a friend, as a mate.

Randy's nature was transcendent; yes, supreme. Incomparable. We can only hope to be more like him. His musical accomplishments speak for themselves; it was his heart, his art, his perseverance, and his nature that made him whole.
I will do my best to share my admiration and respect for Randy with all who care to listen. So long, for now, as coming this far has taken me 12 hours and 42 days.
- Stefa

Suddenly & severely the mortal heart breaks
Startling & sure shot as thunder BOOMiNG
Valleys echo nothing and reverberate
A tree falls soundlessly when no one hears it
The heart screams, regardless, as it falls apart
Silent cries of Why fall aside
Into trenches carved by restless acceptance;
I repeat over and over THiS, TOO, SHALL
The devil offers to conduct this symphony of sadness
Louder than Evil, Bigger than Life.
Your Beauty Reigns!
ALMiGHTY teardrops, creed or chaos,
Crushed hearts become Grapes of Heaven;
the cup runneth over with DiViNE WiNE.
Your immortality will remain a calamity here,
on Earth.

- Stefanie Berryman Michaels

Crossroads Magazine Crossroads Magazine October/November Issue #29

Story & pics published in Crossroads Magazine October/November Issue #29