Motley Crue: Randy Castillo Lives!!
Sefany Jones, Contributor
Thursday, July 06, 2000 12:00 AM

An Exclusive Interview With Motley Crue's Randy Castillo Finds The Skin Basher On The Road To Recovery

Well, I'm sure you're all in suspense of the mysterious illness that landed Motley Crue skin basher Randy Castillo in the hospital for emergency surgery, so here's the scoop!

Prior to the kick off of the Maximum Rock 2000 Tour with Motley Crue, Megadeth, and Anthrax, Castillo was playing a side gig with Flamenco band Azur at the Cat Club the second week of June. He wasn't feeling too well, but decided to push himself through the show. Although he doesn't normally consume hard alcohol, the bartender persuaded him into a concoction of Red Bull and vodka, and shortly thereafter began to feel stomach pains. He then proceeded outside to vomit onto Sunset Blvd.

He jumped in a taxi to head home to rest, when a series of "ice-pick" stabbing pains wreaked havoc throughout his body, and between moans and groans asked the cab driver to pull over at Cedars Sinai hospital in the Beverly Hills area. "I couldn't even breath," Castillo said.

In the emergency room, he begged the attendants to please look at him immediately, as the pain was too much. Unfortunately, there were a few bloody victims ahead of him, and they told him to wait his turn. So he turned around and passed out on the floor. That got their attention.

"The next thing I know, I'm waking up, and I asked what was going on. I was being wheeled down a hall. I had tubes in every orifice in my body. They were up my nose, my butt, my dick..."

"The next thing I know, I'm waking up, and I asked what was going on. I was being wheeled down a hall. I had tubes in every orifice in my body," he recalls. "They were up my nose, my butt, my dick..." The nurse said he was going in for emergency surgery. "Just make sure I'm under before you start," he says, reflecting on his pain and utter confusion.

All of this trauma was due to a Duodenal ulcer, caused by bacteria lodged in the stomach lining. It somehow ruptured itself, and began leaking throughout his body. "It started going into my stomach and intestines. If I hadn't gone to the hospital, it would have gone into my blood stream quickly, then into my heart and I would have died." In a previous email Randy had sent me, he had said, "I thought I met my maker."

Motley Crue"Randy thanks God it happened when it did. "The doctors told me if I would have waited another 10 to 15 minutes, I'd be dead." It was that serious. He cringes at the thought of what would have happened had he gone on the road with the Crue, and the ulcer set off at a gig, or on the tour bus out in the middle of nowhere.

After the surgery, he was down for about 8 days. He couldn't eat or drink anything, and subsequently lost about 18 lbs.

But you're okay now?" I ask him. "Are you going to continue the tour? Are you afraid of ripping open your stomach (which was full of stitches)?" He proceeds to answer, "You let everyone out there know that I am okay! The doctors gave me the clean bill of health. Actually, I feel better than ever before!" He's been drinking lots of water, and eating fresh foods. "No more pizza or hamburgers for me!" he laughs. He's also given up drinking for the most part. He says, "Drinkin's no big deal. I can still go out, have a good time, and remember it in the morning. Plus I save a lot of cash, and don't smell like an old brewery in the morning!"

"The doctors told me if I would have waited another 10 to 15 minutes, I'd be dead."

So, Mr. Castillo is happy to be back in action. He'll be joining the Crue in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM this Saturday, but he won't be banging on the drums just yet. Hole's Samantha Maloney will still sit in for Randy for the next 10 - 12 days. He wants to "make sure" he's in perfect condition, although he's been practicing and says he feels just fine, and looks forward to the tour.

Randy is also excited about the release of Motley Crue's album New Tattoo out in stores Tuesday, July 11. His writing credits include a song called "Punched In the Teeth By Love." He says it's great (and it is!! - Ed). "It's 'Live Wire' meets 'Dr. Feelgood'." So be sure to grab up your copy, and check them out on the Maximum Rock 2000 tour!

Randy's also been keeping busy with his artwork. He's actually sold several paintings recently for some beaucoup bucks! You can check some it out at - that's FCUK!). He plans on having a gallery showing sometime after the tour in the Los Angeles area.

KNAC.COM wants to wish Randy continued health, and success with the album and on tour
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  • samiam2943 ranted on 07/10/2000 10:23 AM ...
    Alright totaljerkoff....atleast you got a smile outta me........but dont dog TA.......he may not have any musical sence or race sence but hes still a funny little prick.
  • Big_Lou ranted on 07/10/2000 09:22 AM ...
    Totalasshole, just the possibility that you know John Tesh's drummer says alot about you and the credibility of your statements criticizing a rock band! BTW, he is not Mexican, he's Spanish and Native American. Big difference you ignorant fuck! And if you think he's lame whatsoever...well then you are just saying that for attention, because fans and musicians alike all know otherwise!! :)
  • totaljerkoff ranted on 07/10/2000 09:04 AM ...
    Listen up you pillow-biters; I'll use whatever name I damn well please. Totalasshole I think you're humor has run dry. Your act is getting old. Time to find some muskrats to breed you fucking dousche-bag.
  • Trooper ranted on 07/10/2000 08:06 AM ...
    get well randy. i just checked out the crue on saturday nite. that was the best show i've seen in a while. if there's any doubt, go see this show. every band is in top form and, oh yea, samantha maloney is one hell of a drummer. this may be blasphemy but she makes tommy lee look like a damn amateur. the drums have never sounded so good. the jury's still out on the new album but their stage show is still pretty hot. they sucked on their tour with the scorps but all is well again. btw, you criticizing castillo's drumming is laughable. when you have the talent to play with some of the biggest acts in the world, then you may have some credibility. until then, why don't you go somewhere that your genius will be appreciated--christina aguilera site. you can talk (and play)with yourself uninterrupted there...
  • TOTALASSHOLE ranted on 07/09/2000 11:09 PM ...
    randy drums like old people fuck.....slow and sloppy. GET YOUR OWN NAME, TOTALJACKASS!!!
  • samiam2943 ranted on 07/09/2000 05:41 PM ...
    LOL, your such a prick!!! But entertaining atleast!!
  • TOTALASSHOLE ranted on 07/09/2000 05:24 PM ...
    yeah, totaljackass, get your own name. I still say the crue suck AND randy is one of the lamest drummers from that period. They could have at least got the drummer from john tesh's band. I am sure he would have added more to the show than this wrinkled ol' mexican.
  • samiam2943 ranted on 07/09/2000 04:16 PM ...
    I love em for what they stand for, for how they treat their fans and for a collection of great songs. Hard Rock went cheese because bands tried to follow Motleys image...the shitty bands are the followers. Just like almost all Heavy bands. I havent seen many of them do anything original in the last 10 years except Pantera who is a great band but also a bunch of followers...they were one of the bands that tried to be like the Crue with their "glam" album..Slipnot: A bunch of side show freaks that requires 9 members b/c 4 or 5 of them cant do it by themselves.
  • totaljerkoff ranted on 07/09/2000 04:03 PM ...
    Say what you want, these guys are fucking goons. Their whole bad ass image is such a laugh. If you don't like any of their albums(except 2), how do you love them? They are the reason hard rock went cheese. (Just look at the pictures circa "Theater of Pain")A bunch of dousche bags.
  • samiam2943 ranted on 07/09/2000 08:45 AM ...
    Totaljerkoff.....I'll tell you listen to your trendy, what you think is viable BS and Ill listen to Motley fuckin Crue because I love them. I dont care if they sell 5million albums or 5 cause thats the type of music I like. I could give a fuck about Vince Neils appearance...I dont base my musical opinions on the players looks as I guess you do. Generation Swine did suck and personnally I didnt like Feelgood either (except a couple of songs)...I actually, havent liked but 2 of their albums prior to this one which is Shout and the Motley Corabi album..the others jjust had good songs but were not great albums. This album is BADAS