Introducing Onyx the Doggy Dog of Hollywood CA USA
The Hollywood Staffordshire
Bull Terrier Stud
For Hire!
Onyx is a handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud.

He is over 2 years old, born July 13 2002. He lives in Hollywood CA USA. He weights 55 pounds as of October 2004. UKC Registration - Purple Ribbon Champion Blood Lines.

His coat is dark brown/black & white and has a symmetrical pattern forming a black 'O' on the back of his neck. The rest of his neck and his chest & underbelly are white. His front paws are white with freckles.

Onyx is very well cut & strong. He walks at least 5 miles every day. He is also a really good jumper.
He is friendly & very obedient, understanding English & Spanish languages. He has a lot of personality & attitude with many different faces.

He is well behaved when in presence of friendly small dogs and loves all female dogs of all sizes. Cats are hard for him to resist chasing.
Onyx loves to tear cardboard boxes apart; he puts a lot of energy & convictions into ripping a box to shreds, winning the nickname of ‘Box Terror’.

He will also fetch a tennis ball and drop it by your feet if you have in your hand another tennis ball. Onyx is able to proudly hold 2 tennis balls in his mouth and is working on 3.
Skateboards & loud motorcycles really upset him; he will bark at them & try to go after them.

To inquire more about Onyx, email Thank you.